Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The DNC doesn't think gun owners should be allowed to vote.

One of the critiques of Voter ID is that it will prevent certain people from voting. Namely those that don't have any state issue photo ID. Oddly enough there's a large crossover between people that oppose voter ID and those that oppose private firearms sales and shall issue carry let alone Constitutional Carry..

Funny that.

Well Donna Brazile, current vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and former campaign adviser for Bill Clinton tops that by out and out saying certain people shouldn't be allowed to vote.

"In Texas, people with gun licenses will have an easier time voting. If people with guns are allowed a say, then we can skip the voting thing

— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) August 28, 2012"

Get that?

Note that unlike some states the Texas Concealed Handgun License is a full photo identification card.

How dare a State-issued photo-ID be a valid form of photo-ID!

And note that she's specifically angry that gun owners are allowed to vote in the first place.

In her world if you own a gun you should be bared from voting. And remember she's the Vice Chair or the Democratic National Committee.

I'll repeat that, one of the top people in the Democratic Party thinks that exercising a fundamental and enumerated right, something that millions of Americans do, should automatically exclude you from being eligible to vote.

Says it all don't it?

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TinCan Assassin said...

Donna, sweety, lemme splain somthin to you. The people with guns get a say anyway. We're the ones who LET YOU have a say. K?