Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Mysteries of Mr A

So Mr A was laughing at bumperstickers he saw at work.

And most of the ones he was mocking were the eye-rolling family values tripe. Odd that he didn't mention any of the ones pointing out fiscal irresponsibility.

But then he ended with this bit. The one he thought was the most funny:

Haha here's a good one:
Democrats Think The Glass is Half Full
Republicans Think The Glass is Theirs

I didn't get to ask him about it. So I'm left wondering if he thinks it's good because he agrees with it, or if he thinks it shows how dumb republicans are.

Either way it shows a collectivist bent. Where the idea of a Republican daring to claim ownership is noteworthy to him.

Mind this is from a man that despite being in the "wealthy" tax bracket steadfastly refuses to voluntarily pay his far share, and then brags about how once tax rates are raised on "the rich" he'll hire the best accountants to minimize what he pays.

Because it's not your glass, it's the people's glass. Unless you bought the glass with your own money and support the Public Glass Mandate, then it's okay to have your own glass.

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