Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quote of the Day: Weer'd II

Weer'd explains why he does his Gun Death metrics.

And what a world without guns really means.

In the middle and dark ages of time women were essentially property. Why? Because men are stronger than woman, and if a woman attempted to stand up to men they would lose. Weapons like knives, swords, clubs, and bows all required strength to effectively use. A woman, the elderly, or people of slight stature or strength simply couldn’t compete to violence. As Marko said: “The Gun is Civilization”. In martial arts competitions the competitors are divided up by sex and weight, simply because they can’t directly compete, no matter how skilled they are. Of course there are no referees or officials on the street that make sure attackers only fight their own weight and skill class, nor do they forbid GROUPS from attacking single targets. Now add in the gun. I’ve taken many people to the range for their first shots, young and old, big and small, male and female, their shooting skills with appropriate firearms is only a direct is only related to how well I can teach and how well they can pick up the shooting basics. If they have a good stance and grip, make a good sight picture, and exercise good trigger control they will ALL land shots in the black of an NRA slow-fire target.

Add in some repetition and they’ll be as competent shot as anybody else, and their physical capabilities will only be an issue when you really start pushing things outside the standard realm of defensive shootings. No, you generally won’t need a .44 Magnum or a .454 Casull to stop an attacker, a .38 Special or a 9×19 firearm will likely do as well as anything else, and with the current selections of firearms ANYBODY can get a gun that they can effectively conceal, carry, deploy and most importantly AFFORD. These guns will allow them to not only fend off more powerful attackers, but MULTIPLE attackers (even when you discount that many group attacks will scatter when a defensive weapon is produced, or one of the attackers is neutralized).

So effectively the gun neutralizes direct force as a tactic to be used. By eliminating lawful guns you foster “Might Equals Right”.

So this is why I run the “Gun Death” Files.

Well said. This' why I call the Antis part of a "New Aristocracy" or a "Neo Feudalism." They want the good old days.

As Joan Peterson showed earlier today, she's not against people carrying guns. She's against the common people carrying guns.

That's why the Antis love May Issue. It empowers the Baron's Sheriff to decide who can and cannot bear arms. Naturally the Baron's friends and sundry gentry count.

And sure local bandits will be armed, but the important thing is the common rabble can be kept disarmed, unless they fall under the patronage of a generous lord.

It really shows that the idea of liberty, of equality before the law, of fundamental god-given (or sapiency given) rights are all alien and hostile to them.

They feel that you should only be allowed to do X if you show fealty to the proper authority and while you grovel you convince the Lord that your need is worthy of his whims.

How dare a common laborer think he's entitled to carry the same weapons as a friend of the Lord-Mayor.

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