Thursday, August 16, 2012

Learning about the Red Queen's Race...

Look at the following charts on US education spending and results.

Here and Here.

A couple points.

The US is number 1 in per student education spending. Some lists have us as 2 or 3 behind Switzerland and the like.

The US is low to middle in results. Spending a lot more than other countries have to spend for the same result.

And finally... US per student education spending keeps going up, to little or no improvement.

So soaring costs to tread water at the same mediocre results.

Yes, I can see why Mr. A things this is a model for the nation's medical system. Though in the US you can send you kids to a private school, if you don't mind paying for public too (vouchers are evil!), which sadly, is more "liberal" than the proposed medical takeovers.

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