Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I got nothin'

Had an early day. The plumber came and found out that the problems with my half-bath are because when the room was converted from a laundry room into a bathroom in the remodeling, the pipes weren't actually expanded.

And that's just special. Thank goodness I rent. Having to get that mess up to code would be a problem. That said the leaks were fixed and the bathroom is back to functionality.

On the upside a co-worker did get some extra peppers from his garden and I've decided to use the extra time today to cook chili.

Also I have a bit of spew from Mr. A (semi-apologia for Putin re Pussy Riot justified by his open, nay proud, hatred of Christianity). I suppose I could note how he's one shade off from an Anti-Semite or an Islamaphobe, or how he's happy to hate people that believe in a different cosmology than him, while simultaneously patting himself on the back on his enlightenment but... meh. That much should all be obvious enough.

AH well, the weather's nice enough, ahd this should be a good batch of chili.

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