Monday, July 23, 2012

Well, this is a different angle on Blood Dancing.

So in the Aurora shooting, a lot of people need medical attention.

Expensive medical attention. If you can guess where this is going then... you know the depths of the Left.

Daily Kos and others, and I'm not going to link them, have been screaming that this shows how sick the US is. And it is galling and horrible that someone can be hit by a horrific event and then have a huge bill come due. And that's not unique to cases like this.

If you do want to help and donate you here is one of the charities the The Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance.

And to motivate you here's some quotes from the always cuddly Mr. A.

how about instead of patchwork bullshit, we dispense with the idea that unfettered capitalism is moral or acceptable in a civilized 21st century society, and focus on making sure EVERYONE (those who have publicity, and those who don't) gets medical care

Note that the "patchwork bullshit" he talks about here is a two tiered public-private healthcare system.

[Charity]'s a way to patch over the examples of capialism failing to be ethical or moral, by targeting the examples that have publicity

Because the State is well renowned for its ethics and morals, and the government never plays favorites towards victims with good publicity. In fairness, Mr. A does say he gives to charity though since he refuses to pay the taxes at the rate that he thinks a man of his income should...

Two Europeans were in the conversation and gave perspective of what its like in their home countries. In one the health insurance (either public or private) is not mandatory, but a provider has to cover you, until you get sick when they can drop you to the public system.

In the other, health insurance is mandatory and instead of being a tax it is a fine. And is also public and private. With government subsidy of base and private packages which you are free to expand more of.

Mr. A was most approving of these systems... these patchwork systems. I wondered what was wrong about a "Super Medicaid" that would do such a thing in the US. I have major issues with that plan but one would think someone who wants to help "the needy" and liked those European systems would be receptive. But I was ignored.

Later he clarified the inconsistency:

if people want to pay extra for unnecessary stuff like plastic surgery, or pay extra to get treatment sooner than medically necessary, that's not really a bad thing as long as the public system functions

And directly compares it to the education system:
it's fine if rich people want to send their kids to private schools, as long as the public school system functions and ensures that most kids are educated to the point where they can function in society

Now let's take a quote from earlier in the conversation which was his response to me pointing out what a wasteful money drain the US education system is.

Our education is fine in affluent and middle class areas. It's when you get to poor urban or overly christian areas that it has problems

Of dear oh dear. It sounds a bit like Mr A is okay with "acceptable losses" in education and healthcare.

Well note that despite his hatred for "patchwork" systems, he does not want a true single payer system. Oh no he wants to be able to buy whatever medical care he wants.

Which leads to this handy summation of his views:

You ensure needs are met through socialism, and allow capitalistic competition over the wants.

At least the man is consistently a champagne socialist.

But you know what's the weirdest part? In the conversation with Mr. A and the two Europeans? Gun control didn't come up. Not once.

They were all eager to tear into the US healthcare system, but didn't have a peep on gun laws. And one of the Europeans was a guy that assumes his countrymen could not handle CCW.

But that was a man that had no argument to Linoge's "Graphics Matter" pieces. Or the CCW chart here. His argument basically boiled down to "Well, Americans for the most part can handle their guns, but we can't."

Which is sad, but again, after Aurora there was no talk about guns from him.

So that's something. And if you want to "do something" make sure you're actually helping.


Erin Palette said...

His argument basically boiled down to "Well, Americans for the most part can handle their guns, but we can't."

Behold the difference between a culture with built-in serf and aristocratic classes, and a culture that said "Fuck you, royalty!" and proceeded to shoot the hell out of anyone claiming to be our betters.

The Jack said...

A'yup. He's internalized the whole thing.

And shows why they have such a hate-on about "American Exceptionalism".

It's not entirely that our culture goes "Fuck you that's why." It's that their culture doesn't.