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Advice from the Antis

Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign has some advice in her 
"Ways to survive a Mass Shooting"

Link safe goes to Weer'd

There are ways to survive a mass shooting without a gun. Virginia Tech survivor Colin Goddard was just plain lucky. He has said over and over that a gun in the Virginia Tech shooting would not have changed the outcome. His cell phone call actually alerted law enforcement to the location of the shooter and within minutes of his call, Cho shot himself as police approached the scene. Here is an article about what to do in case of a shooter on campus.
First and foremost be “just plain lucky.”
Gotcha. Now I know luck is a large part of life, but I’d rather not count on it right outta the gate.

And then she praises to high heavens such stellar advice as: Call the Cops.
And: Hope the bad-guy kills himself before he finds you.

Gee why would anyone want to carry a gun instead of taking such sage wisdom as that?

This reminds me of a troll that's been cluttering the comments of A Girl And her Gun
Go to the link to read an excellent, excellent takedown of the "compassion" of the antis.
Hat Tip to Erin for pointing that post to me.

In short: a sanctimonious knob lectures her on her paranoia and brags about the idealistic world he lives in where the elderly have no fear, where the children play and live in peace and even the cops don't need guns. It's a happy, sappy world.

Of course there's no mention that behind the smiles are fangs. It's not like people can get guns if they wanted too. Something is preventing them.  And all the peace is exclusionary, as a handful of big men with sticks could dominate his peaceful village...  until men with guns came and fought them off.

Funny that.

A taste of the takedown:
Here is what I want you to understand, he does not think all people are equal and deserve to live a peaceful life. He believes that bad guys have the right to kill and good guys have the right to die. He believes your life and mine are less valuable. He believes that in allowing yourself to be killed the bad guy now has the opportunity to due process(found in a separate comment on same post). In the end his entire argument is that no one has the right to be murdered, but if there is a choice between good and evil, evil should get his day in court.

Regardless of what kind of childhood or mental illness a murderer or rapist has, that reality does not make him more valuable, more worth saving, more worth defending.

As caring and compassionate people it is sometimes easy to be fooled by the idea that if the world was gun free we would all be safe and life would be full of unicorns and cookies, but it doesn’t require much effort to find circumstances where evil prevailed time and time again in no gun zones. Lets look at his example of the 2×4(found in a separate comment on same post). A 200 lb man with a 2×4 or a kitchen knife, or a brick, or a sledgehammer or a heavy lamp or rope or his bare hands would likely be a bit of a challenge for my 119 lb frame. I am not saying he will be successful in his desire to kill me, but I am saying my chances are a bit better with a tool that helps level the fighting field.

His entire argument to me is that my life has no value. That my daughter’s life has no value. That at the end of the day I should willingly give up my life and stand by and watch my daughter be murdered because in fighting back I am infringing upon the criminal’s right to Due Process. Compare that to the “Pro-Life Gun” folks who have told me day after day after day that I am valuable. That not only is it ok for me to fight back, but they showed me how to do it.
Emphasis added. So that's what the Anti's offer.  Your life is less important than evil's day in court.  You can't fight back because you might eliminate an evil man's chance at receiving justice.  

Yes, self defense is not Justice.  Even when a police man kills a perp, even if it's a legit shooting, it's not Justice.  However, civilized people, consider the right to defend yourself, especially from an immediate and lethal threat, is more important than Justice.

But here's what the pro-gun people can offer:
People who didn’t know me took the time to come here for over a year and say, “You matter.” For over a year, I was encouraged and supported. That is a long time. It would have been easy for folks to pop over here leave a nice word or two and be on their way, but they stayed and they helped me. I didn’t do anything for them, nothing and yet i was continually offered not only words, but actions. In their words and actions I found the strength to forgive myself, to help my daughter heal, to help other people find their own courage and to find resources and tools that, if ever needed again, I could use to defend a life worth defending. Mine.

Anyone can visit a blog and spew hurtful words, but when people call you up to offer a shoulder. When they offer to give you a place to stay for the night. When people take time from their families to take you to the range to teach you how to use a gun effectively and responsibly. When they come and find you and say, let me help you learn how to fight and kick and scratch and think outside the box. When they repeat more times than anyone should have to, you can do this. That’s when you know they care.

Keep it in mind, and try to live up to it.  There's even causes that you can donate to to help someone get a defensive arm.  A Girl and Her Gun continues:

I don’t know about you, but when I am looking for advice from someone in any area of my life, I do not look to the one trying to do me harm for their own benefit or worse, for no benefit at all. Anti-gun, pro-criminal people have nothing positive or helpful to offer anyone except the bad guy. In following their suggestions, nothing is gained. The bad guys don’t stop being bad. The world doesn’t get more safe. The crime rate doesn’t go down. What they offer is not only unhelpful, it is dangerous. Understand, trying to take away our guns is not the most dangerous thing about their argument. The most dangerous thing about these people is that they want to affect our minds. They want to convince us that we do not matter. That we have no value. That if we were truly decent and caring people we would care more about the man trying to shove parts of his body into you or me by force than our right not to have that happen. Think about that…
Emphasis added. I'm always flabbergasted by the people that give rapists and the like the benefit of the doubt (the only way to really combat rape is to convince the rapists or a sporting chance (Using guns to defend myself is wrong but I'll use a whistle and some pepper spray).

It's madness to think that you can get an abiding deal out of people that will happily violate, or threaten to violate, the most basic parts of the social compact: rape & murder.

Then again these are also the same folk that think a quiet and obliging victim is better than a dead aggressor.  Behind the fluffy words lies a contempt for equality and a frightful coddling of the worst society has to offer.

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