Thursday, September 27, 2012

"It’s actually CHEAPER to BUY A HOUSE in St. Paul than educate one of their precious chllllllldrnnnnnnn. "

So says Captain Capitalism when he crunches the numbers.

So, I was listening to Garage Logic which is a show all of you should listen to and Joe Soucheray (the host) kept on citing that St. Paul public schools spend $17,000 per pupil per year.  This translates into $221,000 per pupil over the course of their k-12 career, and that does not include baby-sitting mean "pre-school."

"What if we just gave the kids the $221,000 instead of educated them?  Wouldn't they be better off?  I mean, I never had $221,000 in my name in my LIFE.  But by the age of 18, you could buy a house FOR CASH and never have to pay rent again."

So I looked up the median price of a home in St. Paul.  $197,607 (though this may change of course).

And he's got a chart of  "Houses Afforded Per Pupil".  Man that's a great unit.  In some cities you could get two houses instead of spending the money on the primary school education for a single child.

 Of course, I'm only being slightly disingenuous.  I know you can't have kids just running around feral from 4-18.  And without the discipline and education that comes from schooling, they will not have the ability to be responsible adults and even maintain the free house/s we working people would give them.  But we do need to wake up and realize there is something VERY wrong with the public schools when we spend SO MUCH MONEY ON ELEMENTARY EDUCATION WE COULD INSTEAD GIVE EVERY CHILD THE AMERICAN DREAM OUTRIGHT.

Emphasis in the original. There's a reason why for the amount of money the US spends on education we have such pathetic results. And one also realizes the pure insanity of the government simply giving thousands and thousands of dollars away.  They'd never do that... not unless they could track and link the graft to ensure the money was "invested" in vote-buying.

Via Ed Driscoll who points out the obvious long term financial consequences of such insane spending: "Or to put it another way, things that can’t go on forever, won’t."

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