Sunday, September 23, 2012

Won't somebody think of the ChilDREN! UK AntiGun Edition

First we have a bit about the desire to treat  hunting magazines the same way as pornography because it'll corrupt the wee ones minds.  (Via Uncle by way of Roadkill from GBC)

The article is complete with Pants Shitting Horror at fathers and sons posing in front of foxes they killed and the "evil gun industry" luring in a fresh crop of children to buy their products.

Remember!  When gun grabbers say they're not after hunting guns you can totally trust them!

Next was have a hur-hur "Americans are fat and stupid"  with pictures of  "are these America's worst parents?"  (Via Spike from GBC)

One problem.  They treat a kid simply posing with a 22 rifle with the exact same hand-wringing PSH as a kid pointing a gun at an adult's head while their fingers are in the trigger guard.  Yeah...  that's actually an example of horrible parenting.  And to treat them as the same, really, really shows a provincial cluelessness.

Course such massive ignorance is expected as Spike points out: "I love how they have the taticool ar-15 labeled as a "machine" gun."

Gotta love morally smug uptight neo-Puritans. They've got good intentions. That trumps actual knowledge.

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