Sunday, September 16, 2012

Busy Range Day

Not so much for me. I was just doing some function testing on my Kriss and my 1911s. Had some new magazines to put in and some ammo to test.

But Eagle Creek was hopping. Both bays were open and there were several family groups. There was a lot of kids being taught 22lr. Elderly couples teaching younger couples, and vice versa.

From the print outs I saw a few people carrying I think there was some sort of online social media deal at work.

And that would not be the first time. Here's a deal of $5 for an hour to shoot that dates back to May.

So I guess there was a newer one. Good for them.

I gotta tip my hat to the staff, they were herding those cats with the upmost skill.

It's also good to see more people learning to use firearms, especially in a safe way.

Also my Kriss seemed to be a pretty big hit, so that was fun. On the downside I had to replace one of the recoil springs on a 1911. Though it was a used one and that was the spring that came with it. So it goes.

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