Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not Anti Gun, but Anti Freedom.

So we're in a country where New York City ruberstamps bans on large sodas, the Department of Justice Rats out independent filmmakers to appease theocratic monsters, and University of Pennsylvania Professor decide that tweets aren't enough and writes a whole op ed on why we need Blasphemy Laws.

Course she does the free speech version of "I'm a gun owner but"

"If there is anyone who values free speech, it is a tenured professor!"

Sure you value it, for yourself. You can write whatever books you want but how dare a commoner do it.

Bacile's movie is not the first to denigrate a religious figure, nor will it be the last. The Last Temptation of Christ was protested vigorously. The difference is that Bacile indirectly and inadvertently inflamed people half a world away, resulting in the deaths of U.S. Embassy personnel."

And thus he should be arrested!

Even if we presume that the film was the result of that... what anyone can be blamed for making any media that is found offensive? Who determines that? Though again, it wasn't. Nice going useful idiot!

Though the media has found the real evil culprit in all this: The Mormon. It's all Mitt's fault!

It's not like the Administration was warned ahead of time, or the location in Lybia had been attacked in the past.

And yet...

Again, it's not about the video
Using this video as a pretense is actually quite smart on the part of these maniacs since they know the American media will dutifully regurgitate their nonsense and the vacillating jellyfish in the White House will give his seal of approval.

Sure pointing something to blame will provide a nice distraction. And as a bonus it'll get more useful idiots to line up for some nice Blasphemy Laws.

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