Saturday, September 22, 2012

Apricot Totals

Well from my one tree  I got: 8 pints of nectar (a 50% juice concentrate half stored in the fridge for immediate drinking half jarred for later),  8 cups of dried apricots, and many loads of fresh apricots that were eaten and given away.

Since the fruit drops from the tree in a short period (under ten days for me) and the fruit does not keep well, I had to process and process.

But that got done.

And tonight I decided to make something with my dried apricots.

3 cups of honey, 3 cups of dried apricots, 1/4 cup lemon juice,  a bit of pectin, will eventually yeild 4 little jars of apricot jam.  A bit of advice, keep an eye on it while simmering the mix,  you do not want the honey to boil over.   Also be careful with the recipe you use,  some of the older ones call for a lot of hone, for example the one I used originally called for 7 cups.

So that's good.   Tastes rather good and seems to seal just fine.  If it all works out I'll make the rest of the dried up this way.

I do have half a mind to try my hand at fermenting some of the nectar I've got stored, but baby steps.

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