Saturday, September 29, 2012


Don't like a poster someone else puts up?  Destroy it.

Cause enough mayhem and the State'll do your work for you.

" NYC Prohibits Controversial Subway Ads in Wake of Islamist’s Vandalism"

Lesson for all those that don't like Piss Christ: "Is the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery in New York considering a similar policy? The MTA has created an incentive system that might eventually lead them to just that."

Glenn's thoughts.

Ace has some more thoughts.

Pam Gellar's ad is "demeaning," it is asserted, because it implies that violent, intolerant Salafists are "savage." Her ad states something like, "In a struggle between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man."

Now, the MTA says she can't run that ad because some people will be unable to restrain themselves from committing acts of violence and mayhem.
Which people?

The savages?
And links to a dark prediction by Allahpundit on Hotair.

 It’s the “fighting words” exception to the First Amendment, the trojan horse by which anti-blasphemy laws and other fun “sensitivity” regulations will eventually be smuggled into American law.
The “fighting words” exception, as I’ve said before, amounts to a heckler’s veto to your freedom of speech. It’s pernicious in two ways. One: It makes your First Amendment rights contingent upon the sensitivities of others. If the object of your criticism is prone to responding violently, then it’s incumbent upon you to shut up and not offend them. A “right” that disappears when someone gets especially angry about your exercise of it ain’t much of a right. Two: In practice, it operates as moral sanction by the state for vigilantism. The point of the “fighting words” doctrine is to let the cops step in and arrest an offensive speaker before any violence goes down; it’s essentially a form of appeasement to the insulted party, signaling that they don’t have to do anything crazy because the state will punish their enemy for them. (Seems familiar.)

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