Friday, September 28, 2012

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks is the LAW!

Don't question the man that has instituted  city-wide dress codes, "random" stop and frisks, requests for paperwork and ID for any reason,  inspections of any vehicle,  and mandatory curfews for minors.

Asked about Constitutional concerns, and the need for probable cause, Parks says the recent wave of crime is the probable cause and justifies the extreme new measures.
 “Vehicles that are moving will be stopped and searched for guns, weapons, drugs, and open alcohol and any other violations that are taking place,” Parks later told KMOX’s Mark Reardon. “People who are walking, people who are bicycling, can be stopped and searched for the same and, when it comes to state IDs, we’re going to be confirming that state IDs are in place for everyone involved.” 

Well, at least he's not demanding ID to vote. Just to walk around.  And note that he's not limiting himself to just minors for his checkpoints and vehicle inspections.

And hey, it's not like he's asking for ID of potential illegal aliens who have been arrested. That might be racist!

Parks noted the legal questions surrounding his new policies but said “most importantly, we have to do something.” 

Wow.  For the Chillldreeeeen  and "We have to do something!"

 “We have desperate times, they call for desperate measures and they call for extreme measures, things that we may not have done before, to get the desired results. You cannot grow as a city if your children are being wiped out and never given an opportunity to live.” 

The totalitarian bent is strong in this one.

Fortunately, Mayor Alvin Parks is a Democrat. And man was *that* a pain to find.   Not one of the media reports mentioned his party affiliation.  Strangely enough!

I was going to say that his skin color would also help insure him from cries of racism and fascism  but really if he had the same ancestry and was a Republican the cries would be far far louder than if he were a Lilly white Democrat.

Naturally, East St. Louis is in Illinois. Least  the mayor doesn't have to worry about any people legally carrying guns to confuse his dear Stasi

Oh and about those dress codes he's banned certain colors from the clothes of "all males".  So again, "think of the children" and "its for minors" ends up going to everyone.

"No royal blue no bright red to be worn by our men or our boys of this community," said Mayor Alvin Parks of East St. Louis. 
 He says he's singling out those two colors in particular because of their affiliation with gangs. He admits the measures are extreme, but calls the problem extreme.
When asked about the constitutionality about the new rules, Mayor Parks said simply, "We've got to do, what we've got to do." 


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