Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Occupy Sesame Street

So team Obama thinks they have a winner.  Thanks Weer'd!

They're staunchly demanding the continued federal funding of a media behemoth that includes a TV show lasting 43 seasons (and counting), two feature films, mounds and mounds of merch (millions upon millions of every imaginable type , international spin-offs,  and connections to the Walt Disney corporation.

Normally when someone shouts "We need to fund the arts!"  they're talking about something small and obscure, usually a product that would not survive on the market on its own.

At the very least they're not talking about something that has been successfully mass-marketed for decades.

Does a mass commercial concern  really need federal funding?  It's not like Sesame Street has shied away from turning their creative content into profitable products. Also note the constant refrain that removing government funding equals banning.

Here we have the cannibal pot of the modern western social welfare state.  The same people that talk about cutting government waste or sticking it to those Fat cats will scream and cry if anything were to happen to Elmo or Big Bird.

Of course the Obama admin didn't ask Sesame Workshop's permission to use their product in their ads.
And despite the founder being a heavy Obama donor,  the company has demanded that the Obama admin take down the ads.

The Obama campaign refused.

Update:  The Obama Campaign's response:

A lawyer for Sesame Workshop has requested that the campaign take down the spot, which was slated to run on national cable outlets.
“We have received that request,” [Obama spokesman Jen] Psaki told reporters on Tuesday. “We’re reviewing it. I will say it doesn’t change the fact that there’s only one candidate in this race who is going to continue to fight for Big Bird and Elmo, and he is riding on this plane” — a reference to Obama.

Got that?  They're gonna keep blathering about how vital it is that a merchandise-driven show stays on the public teat weather the show runners want them to or not.

So remember only one candidate is serious about puppet Welfare!

It's good to recall that Obama was using this to contrast himself from "big evil wall-street fat cats".  Yeah President GoldmanSachs who still has Corzine as a top bundler, and has plenty of finance friends in the White House gets to play the populist card.

And call it to keep funding a "to big to fail" parade of merch.  Which really is how the banking and auto bailouts worked.   Companies that play ball get protection.  Those that don't...  don't.

It's a good thing Obama's so busy looking out for the little guy.  

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