Monday, October 8, 2012

Quote of the Day RobertaX: "particularly dim -- and particularly telling."

Her comment on this PSH scare-monger page complaining about people with guns carrying at little league games!

And how is this complaint written?
Schneider voted to void local gun laws and let politicians decide who can carry guns.
Huh? Politicians deciding who can carry guns?  I didn't realize the Dems were so against discretionary issue. And they don't want politicians deciding where they can carry either?  So no government mandated gun free zones then?

Oh wait...  they just don't like it when the Statehouse rules against their favor.

Or as Rickn8or points out: "Um, isn't that decision made by politicians at either level?? Or is a state legislator more expensive than a city / county one?"

This reminds me of Melina Kennedy.  When she ran for Indianapolis Mayor, she made a similar baronial assumption. She ran promising to "get tough" on "gun crime", with a whole raft of restrictive regulations for the city... that State Law would have prohibited her from enacting.

I guess government's only bad for these folks when it ties their hands.

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