Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Political consistency...

Here's a bit of advice.  If you complain about the current state of politics and explain why voters fall for demagogues and liars with:  "Because people are stupid."

That's perfectly fine. By and large, the citizens of a representative government do get the government the bulk of them vote for.

And you can followup with a complaint about "politics as usual".  Again, see previous.

But when you dream about your own ideal party you shouldn't have your cornerstone be that it's "one that gives a damn about the people."  Then we get to murky waters.

So... you want a party that gives a damn about the very same stupid people that keep voting for the wrong politicians?

Huh, a party that treats the common rabble at best as spoiled ignorant children that need the coercive force of the state to "enlighten them".

From there it goes to a Feudal view of the world and straight to treating "the people" as livestock.


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