Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quote of the Day Tam: TSA Branding Opportunities.

On going through the airport today (the security may be fake but the is real),  Tam noticed something.

I find it amusing that they are selling ad space on the bottoms of the trays you dump your personal effects in. When the day comes that America has cattle cars and camps, the boxcars will have ads on the side and the prisoner's uniforms will have sponsorship logos. ("Real Americans wear Nike when they get reeducated!") 

It occurs to me that the US's dark future is likely a mix between DeathRace 2000 and Brave New World.   At least after the civ-rios and pop-reds from the collapse of the prole-cred supply settle out and things stabilize to the New New Economic Patriotism.

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And as a bonus go to this Onion article where I'm more... befuddled as to what the joke is.  I guess it's funny because Obama doesn't really have godlike powers and omnipresence.

Oh and whatever you do don't think too deeply on why the locations in this article are Democratic strongholds.  Or the differences in lifestyles between the Party's voters, campaign volunteers, and grunt staffers versus the Party's bosses, office holders and senior advisers.

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