Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quote of the Day Tam: The Future!

So some guys decided that Project Excelsior was cool and all,  but it could have been faster.

This led to Felix Baumgartner trying to break the sound barrier... without an airplane.   Or anything other than potential energy.  Granted at 23 miles up he's got a mess of that.

After watching the event Tam puts it into perspective 

 I just used a global communication network to watch video footage and telemetry streamed in real time from the edge of space, where a man privately sponsored by an energy drink company leaped into the black sky and went supersonic without an aircraft.
What a fascinating modern world we live in! 


 In other news I had a very interesting range trip yesterday.  I'm still compiling the photos and my notes.

Got some fun gear to talk about and what to do if you have the muzzle-loader equivalent of "A click and no bang."   First and foremost   Obey all the 4 rules.  You do that and you won't get hurt.

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