Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Progressive "Irony"

So in mixed nationality conversation this comment came up:  "Isn't it funny how we read all American dialogue with a southern accent."

Which is revealing for various reasons. But what was most revealing was the response it got in Mr. A:
God dammit why couldn't Sherman have exterminated them? I mean that's like.. about two notches from imagining every German with one of those red swastika armbands
A tiny bit of credit for him knowing about the March to the Sea even if to fuel his fantasies of racial extermination and ideological purity.

This is what the loon is really saying:
How dare other countries stereotype my nation based on a racial-ideological-regional sub group!  Why that's almost as bad as saying we're Nazis!  Clearly the military forces of my nation should have exterminated said racial-ideological-regional sub group when they had the chance!
Why racial?  Because Mr. A wouldn't want Soutehrn blacks to be slaughtered by Sherman.  That's racist! Yes they were slaves, but the niceties of slave versus free man is thin gruel for a man that whines about a lack of extermination.

And this from a person that has good odds of thinking he's more moral and compassionate than you, and will lecture you on end about it.


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