Monday, October 1, 2012

Quote Of the Day Bleddyn: "Journalistic Only Ones"

In a comment, responding to Robb Allen's post on "offensive speech" and how "American Journalists whose entire lives revolve around being able to say what they want, when they want" are moaning and whining about how free speech must be curtailed Bleddyn says:
This is the journalist version of the "only ones" mindset. When they espouse restricting speech they don't mean THEIR speech. They are smart and trained to speak only correct ideas. If you take offense, it's because you are wrong. But who knows what filthy, terrible ideas you might express if given the freedom to?                      

 This.   Spot on.

As has been said before.  The Antis are not simply anti-gun.  They are anti Liberty.   They have as much contempt for the First Amendment as they do the Second.  They hate any limit on governance and any idea that the common rabble have the same rights as them.

Mark my words.  We will see a push for May Issue style discretionary Free Speech permits.

And the media will happily play along. After-all  it'll crush their competition, dissenting voices, and maybe with a few "informed citizens mandates"  bring back their market share.

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