Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quote of the Day 1911Man: Facts? Who cares. We're conveying Emotion here!

 So Robb Allen mocking has a post mocking an anti for saying "the number of children killed by guns has doubled every year since 1960”.

Those of you with even an inkling of critical thinking should be laughing or face-palming.   I'm not here to quote Robb's deconstruction.

No this is for 1911Man's comment on said post:

Liberals don't care about FACTS, and do so in a way that is so utterly foreign to the Conservative mind as to be outside the event horizon of your comprehension. When they say stupid shit like this, they don't actually intend to convey a fact. What they are conveying, quite effectively if the reader is a fellow Liberal, is an EMOTION. Neither the writer nor the reader cares about the number; the number isn't even in their universe. What they are saying is "I really, really hate guns." The Liberal reader never even thinks to wonder about the accuracy of the factual statement, because its accuracy is irrelevant to the communication being had.
Remember this difference.
When you say e.g. "27% of black males between the ages of X and Y are in prison", what the Liberal hears is "I hate black people." They foolishly interpret your words as though a Liberal had spoken them.

This is true.  I have found this when arguing with Libs.  Hell just see the previous post.  The man who tried to pass off that Beck line as real didn't apologize or even knowledge that he had been taken in by a lie.  All I got, from him and others, was a "Well Beck is crazy."

What Beck actually said was immaterial. What mattered was that Beck = Crazy Right Wing.  And by finding a way to link the variable "Beck" to the Libya the value Crazy Right Wing can be applied to Libya.

Fake but accurate.  Emotionally true.  "This supports my own biases and world view so I'll automatically accept it without any verification."

To be fair, that last one is a bitch to grapple with.

I've seen this emotional conveyance in gun rights debates.

I'll do something like explain the status quo of the NICS and the requirements to be an FFL and someone will get all affronted and then accuse me of defending it.  They'll assume that because I say "X is already illegal due to Law Y" that I must be a supporter of Law Y.

Here's another example of emotions trumping reality. MSNBC's Harris Perry believes that because Elizabeth Warren grew up thinking she was native american she really is a native American.

Really its no stranger than thinking Elizabeth Warren is the middle class champion while Scott Brown is the mustache twirling plutocrat.  Even though Warren has far more wealth and has been legal representative for big insurance companies and mine companies and all sorts of liberal boogeymen.

Funny that.

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