Friday, October 26, 2012

The Nineteenth Amendment? You’ve come a long way baby.

Sure as she made little golden apples, there's a reason that Eris made surrogates and hatchet-men.

It’s so that when you court the “unemployed I’m the voice-of-my-generation so pay my rent Dad!” voting block with your glass-eyed celebrity looking for a big, strong Welfare State to be her husband-daddy your campaign has some plausible deniability.

Not all attempts to be hip and edgy work out.  And you kind of want an escape hatch.

Yes... there's a full minute of her "too hip for the world" prattle.  Why that's like 45 minutes in college minutes!  And boy does it feel that way.

Remember, "this is an official Obama for America ad. This isn’t some PAC, or some minor celebrity trying to get upvotes on Funny or Die. OfA put this out there."

Further, Treacher points out this is what the Dems think of their own base, women so "so helpless and infantilized that something like this appeals to them.”  Or worse it's what they think will sway independents.

Again,  this is why you have surrogates and hatchemen and PACs and fellow travelers. Keep your own hands clean.  Have an alibi.

I mean geeze, Progs. It’s not like the Republicans haven’t been giving you plenty of ammo in your “war on women” you don’t have to go full Stepford.

Is that why Obama admitted that he has trouble with ninth grade math? Did he think it would help woo voters he assumes are intimidated by all those scary numbers?

It's sad when the Daily Kos puts together a better "Republicans are Scary to Women" advert.

Oh and to add to the pile of Sad?

It's a copy of a Putin campaign ad. 
*puts on black framed glasses*
"Yeah, it's a fun ad in an ironic, trying to hard, way,  but I liked the original better.  It was Russian, I'm sure you haven't heard of it."
Via Weerd, of course who also links Crowder actually managing to satirize the vid.
Way to fight against Poe's Law!

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