Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dark Canada

From Rand Simberg more on the Orwellian nightmare that Ezra Levant faces.

Here's where Dagenais becomes a symbol of everything that's wrong with the CHRC and its censorship fetish: she blacked out portions of my defence before passing it on to the commissioners. Seriously -- she censored what I wrote in my own defence, before she passed it along to the people who will sit in judgment of me. She's only allowing me to say things in my defence that she approves in advance.

That is frightening. Not only is he being charged with ThoughtCrimes but own defense is being censored.

And Rand shows why this is something to watch and something to worry about: But I fear that with an Obama/Reid/Pelosi administration, this assault on freedom of expression will migrate south. Certainly the behavior of the Obama campaign has done nothing to assuage my fears.

Constituional Law Prof Glen Reynolds is a bit more breif in his thoughts "Tar, feathers, and other "out of doors political activity" are beginning to look more appropriate."

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