Monday, October 27, 2008

Spread Spread Spread

In 2001 Obama gave an interview with a Chicago radio station.

Guess what he talked about?

Jennifer Rubin

Remember, this isn’t ancient history. Obama was sharing Socialism 101 with radio listeners just seven years ago. At the same time, he was sitting on the board of the Woods Fund, going to Trinity United Church, and a enjoying a robust professional relationship with Bill Ayers. Has he given all that up? We don’t know, because no one in the media has taken seriously Obama’s intellectual and professional development. No one has asked him basic questions about the past (e.g. Did he share the ideological vision of the Woods Fund grant recipients? Did he agree with Ayers’ radical educational theory?) or even his current economic philosophy. Doesn’t he still believe in spreading the wealth? He certainly did seven years ago.

Transcript of obama's latest redistribution thing
Plus this.

Especially when bookended with his recent "spread the wealth around" comment to Joe the Plumber, Obama's statements reveal a man who:
Looks at the Constitution as a real impediment to "justice." Oh if we could just "break free" from those gosh-darned "essential constraints."
By characterizing them as "more basic," proves that he sees "political and economic justice" as more important than the fundamental human rights built into the Constitution. I wonder who gets to define "justice," or who gets to decide what "necessary compromises" to basic rights have to be made to achieve that "justice"? Is ACORN's election cheating justified because the so-called "justice" it is working to achieve is more important than playing by the rules?
Who is obsessed with "redistributive change."

Obama's instincts.
We may hear a variation of the "Ayers defense" deployed in dismissing these comments by Barack Obama in a 2001 interview with a Chicago radio station, talking about "redistribution of wealth" — it was a long time ago, Obama's changed, etc. Of course, the point is not that Obama had these views in the past; it's that, when pressed by an Ohio plumber about his tax proposal, he went right back to these same instincts.

Bill Whittle's article: "This time, Obama was not eight years old when the bomb went off."McCain hits Obama on it.

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