Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why doesn't the media ask Obama tough questions?

Ace of Spades looks at that:

Actually... The media asked difficult questions of The One exactly The Twice.

Once Chicago media asked him about Rezko, Barack Obama stopped the press conference short, protesting that they shouldn't be asking him about such minor corruption cases. The media got the message -- Obama has no good answers for any of this and if we keep asking, he'll look evasive and might even say something disastrous.

So that was the last time anyone asked him about Rezko.

Charile Gibson and George Stephanopolous asked him two questions about Ayers at a debate. Obama lied and obviously so. The media itself savaged Gibson and Stehphanolpolous for their impertinence.

The message was delivered: Anyone who asks these sort of questions makes Obama look bad, and thus must be insulted and hounded.

They got the message. No Ayers questions since.

Read the rest to see how far they've gone.

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