Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Left's Big Blunder

LGF Operative "Zombie" has a very interesting essay.

The Left's Big Blunder

The disastrously counter-productive strategy of Obama's supporters

Here's a few Highlights from it:

Why keeping the voting both and having our votes secret is vital.

How mere presence of a dissenting opinions can have a great effect.

To what degree to polls influence reality.

The importance of bluffing only if your rival can fold.

The difference between the silent majority and the silenced majority.

And that you are not alone and not isolated, and why you should not stay home or even change your vote to Obama just because that's what's "inevitable".

Why Obama's supporters are hurting his chances by overstating his popularity.

Give it a read, there's some very interesting thoughts on how the terrain has been stacked towards Obama, and to what degree is it real, and what degree will it become real.

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