Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama and Ayers, it's the Ideology

Bob Owens has a primer on just what the Weather Underground was and how it relates to Obama

Obama's associates: Imagine if they were McCain's

Imagine if John McCain's career had been launched at the home of a right-wing terrorist such as Timothy McVeigh. Do you think the media would be shrugging their shoulders?
Imagine if John McCain were closely associated with a right-wing group that state officials say was actively committing widespread voter fraud running up to this election. Would the media ignore it?
If John McCain spent two decades in a church with a right-wing pastor who preached a version of white supremacy and routinely condemned America, would the media suggest that the tie was no reflection on McCain's own thoughts or ideology?

Andy McCarthy on the real meaning of Ayers in relation to Obama.

That was the ideology that drove [Ayers] to bomb American targets, it is the ideology he has taken to America's classrooms (which are just a different front in the same war he has been raging against our society for 40 years), it is the ideology he has never hidden from anyone, and — here's the point — it is the ideology that drove his partnership with Barack Obama. That's the reason Obama is minimizing the relationship. Obama and Ayers worked well together — happily funding the same communists, socialists, America haters, Israel haters, etc. — because they were ideologically aligned. Obama is smoother and more marketable than Ayers, but ideologically they're coming from the same place: American society needs drastic change.

Change is a central theme to Obama's campaign, but what kind of change?

And if you want to know the change Obama and Ayers have in mind, look at what they did at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Look at Obama's Chicago years, which explains why Ayers and Dohrn would host the launching of his political career from their living room. That's where Obama doesn't want to go — because if voters look there, he's toast.

Indeed remember that the main response to these questions about Obama's past boil down to "You don't need to know anymore about that, we've told you enough about him."

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