Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama's response to critism?

If you're lucky he'll simply cut off your station from further interviews.

Glen Reynolds has the story

Reynolds asks: "Was the questioning out of bounds? Watch for yourself and make up your own mind."

Instapundit reader eader C.J. Burch emails Reynolds: "He got a straighter run than Palin has. No one edited his answers. No one used false quotes against him. No one edited the video tape. No one took him out of context. No one pissed and moaned about his wardrobe or his hair plugs. No one has asked to see his kid's birth ceritifcate. Thin skinned much, Obama campaign?"

Just imagine what the Obama White House will be like and how they'll handle critism and people daring to question them.

It's not enough for most of the media to eagerly help the Obama camp, everyone has to help, or at least not ask embarassing questions.

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