Thursday, October 23, 2008

They can't both be right.

Zogby and AP polls show opposite trends post 3rd Debate. They can't both be right...

Those polls do look bad, but they are being skewed (deliberately?) when you look at the internals. I haven't seen the details of the other polls mentioned in the MSNBC story to which you linked, but the Big Ten polls had double digit party ID leads for the Dems in every state except for Indiana.
For example, in Ohio there was a 13 point party ID edge for the Dems in the poll. Does anybody (including the pollsters) really believe that this will accurately reflect the Ohio electorate on election day. My guess is that all of those polls showing moderate to sizable leads for Obama in states like Ohio, Pa., Va., NC, Mo., and Fla. are similarly flawed. The important thing for those of use who do not want to see Obama (praised be his name) elected is to point out these flaws to our fellow travelers so that our side doesn't get demoralized and stay home.

Again, don't give up hope. Go out and vote. That they're pushing Obama's "inevitability" so hard should make one very suspicious.

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