Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hold the line?

Jim Geraghty wonders if Obama will keep his campaign (that is late campaign, in the primaries he was proposing much higher taxes) promises about lowering certain tax rates. Especially when compared to the "tax happy" nature of Congressional leadership.

A President McCain, for whatever flaws he has, would hold the line — on this, on cutting defense spending 25 percent (another Frank proposal), on eliminating the tax benefits on 401(k)s.

Elect Obama, and the only thing that can stop these very bad ideas is the new president's willingness to risk a bloody, knock-down fight with his own party, precisely the kind of fight he has never fought in his career. Maybe Obama's a guy with the stomach to veto legislation that a majority of his party has backed and that is backed every interest group on his side of the aisle. If he does, you'll hear some unexpected applause from this corner. But talk about an unlikely scenario...

Emphasis his.

This is one of the more laughable aspects of many Obama supporters. Their trust in him to do something that he has yet to ever actually... do.

But what do you expect from a candidate that prefers voters remain ignorant of his past, record, and accomplishments.

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