Friday, October 17, 2008

It's not about Joe, it's about Obama

Betsy's Page has some more notes on the Joe Story.

So on the way to the coronation of President Obama, one ordinary guy asked a question that made Obama look bad. And the response by those on the left is that this guy Must Be Destroyed. And both Democratic candidates look for easy jokes about what type of plumber earns $250,000. They are tone deaf to the idea that Joe was asking a question about his dream, a dream that many people share of working hard and building up a small business.

Remember that, these people won't just try to destroy your life if you ask them a tough question; they'll also laugh at your dreams.

It doesn't matter if Joe is secretly a multimillionaire plumbing magnate or an apprentice plumber with unrealistic dreams. What matters is how Obama answered his question and what it revealed about his approach to redistribution of wealth. We're not about to elect Joe the Plumber.

One would be a bit shocked, given how the media is much more interested in digging up the past of a guy asking a question, instead of the guy (who wants to be president) being asked.

Obama's past is beyond question, but those that dare to question him.... well...

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