Sunday, October 12, 2008

VDH: A Weird Campaign Gets Weirder

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the response to McCain's charges against Obama.

So suggesting that Obama showed terrible judgement in continuing to communicate with Ayers after his circa 9/11, very public boasts that he hadn't bombed enough is now the equivalent to the murdering of four innocent little girls.

The common denominator in all this? Ask Bill Clinton who saw all this earlier in the primaries. Team Obama has so prepped the battlefield that it is nearly impossible to raise legitimate questions about Sen. Obama's mysterious past without incurring charges of racism and / or character assassination. The modus operandi is to have Obama high in the clouds talking about hope and change and brotherhood, descending on occasion to lament those who cruelly lie about him, and then ascend again as he unleashes a variety of surrogates who preemptively create a climate in which McCain can say very little without being condemned s illibera and worse.

Taking away the ability of your opponent to make any statement against you is nice work if you can get it, and very worrying for what would happen if Obama got even more power.

Rand Simberg has more on the funhouse mirror things have become.

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