Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cracked Wins and Losses.

So Cracked has done a couple articles on Obamacare or Obamatax. Oddly enough their archive system and search sytems are so borked (yes deliberately invoked) that I can't find the articles again.

Basically what you'd expect, it's all good, no mention of tax increase, communist-fear-baiting, and a very amusing decrying of "libertarian radicals" who don't want health insurance just because they like life to be hard.

Oh and the distinction that making product X mandatory is fine because it's not something silly like "everyone has to buy parachute pants".

So there's that.

But on the upside there was this passage in today's article. 4 Great Love Stories in Movies for Guys. Specifically about Unforgiven (just run with it):

Most of the movie is designed to debunk the notion of the badass superman cowboy, but ultimately, it's just a long con. In the final scene we learn, despite everything we've just been taught, that outlaw heroes are real.

Early on, Richard Harris' character, English Bob, falsely claims to be such a man. He even travels with his own biographer. But Bob is reduced to nothing by Sheriff "Little Bill," played by Gene Hackman. Little Bill is a no-frills authority figure: smart and tough, but also not a hero. He seems to relish his authority too much. He delights in Bob's beating in a way that only a true bully could, and he exists in a town where guns are banned. He seems to perpetually have the upper hand. More than anyone, Little Bill wants people to know that cowboy legends aren't real.

Emphasis added. So we have an article written by a New Yorker being critical of a town where only the police have guns and have turned into bullies that abuse their authority and disarm to maintain their control on a powerless populace.

Huh. Funny how gun control results in exactly that.

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