Monday, July 9, 2012

Happiness? We can't have that, we're liberals.

So the PJ's Tatler looks into "Why are Conservatives Happier than Liberals?

And this goes right into a previous post of mine. Where Weerd notes that Progressives Just Can't Seem to be Happy.

Rick Moran actually comes up with a very simple explanation:

[W]e don’t constantly worry if we’re doing or saying the politically correct thing. Walking through life on eggshells, fretting about offending a protected group or class, while constantly making sure you don’t do or say anything that a fellow liberal could criticize you for would drive me bonkers. Possessing such a worldview eventually causes one’s head to come to a point — if it doesn’t explode first. So, of course liberals are miserable.

This fits. Consider the Mr. A story in my own link.

Mr. A tries to pass around a quote by Obama showing how religiously open minded and tolerantly he was raised. I point out that Obama converted to Christianity and uses Jesus to justify a lot of his policies.

And Mr. A immediately got depressed because he realized he was stuck between admitting that Obama was a "hated Christian" or that Obama concealed his true religious beliefs in order to get elected. Not wanting to share common ground with the Sekret Muslim fan club, Mr A was force do lamely wish that Obama was more like his mother (let's ignore any racist undertones there!).

My, my it's hard being a liberal.

Speaking of that: Mr. A let out his inner "grumpy old man" by presentingthis link with the commentary:
"Man holy fuck. The generation after me is pathetic.. who the fuck lets their parents decide who they play with?"

This was in mixed company and it took a fairly socialist Canadian to point out:
"Um... , I'm pretty sure like 80% of your link's 'imagination', not relating to things that ever actually occurred. I mean seriously, 'when there wasn't such a thing as a rumour?' That was written by a fourty-year-old who's forgotten what childhood was actually like."

Yeah, we have a tax and spend liberal ranting about "kids these days" and being mocked for being reactionary. Oh and apparently when I'm not around Mr. A'll get "punchy".

In the words of the same Canadian: "But yeah, you should stick around after work hours sometimes. Whenever Kay even tangentially references something related to gender politics, Mr. A gets on like twenty-minute rags about 'teh feminazis'"

Classy. Oh and Mr. A also loathes the Greens and is angry at those blue collar unionists for their protectionism.

One wonders what parts of the Democratic coalition he can stand?

Well, at least he really, really hates Republicans.

Shame that can't make him happy.

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