Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What's the point of being on "The Right side of History" if you can't be happy?

Weerd notes that the Progressives just can't seem to be happy. What with their sky is falling sermonizing, Oikophobia, and hilariously backwards idea of trying to replace faith with a cargo-cult simulacrum of Science. All the vestments and authority none of the pesky experiments, rigor, and admitting you don't know squat.!

Then RobertaX talks on the Chicago goon squad having sour grapes about their "Gun Buy Back." You see, turns out some folks rounded up a whole bunch of junker guns, turned them in, and are planning to spend the money on a camp to teach firearms safety to kids.

And the antis throw a fit and claim it's abusing the system. A system where they claim to buy back the guns. When were they ever the States? A system where anyone can turn in a gun no questions asked and get money again no questions asked.

But the antis -- and I'll count Chicago's government at every level as "anti" -- can't accept that as a positive. The antis had pro-gun types out rounding up and turning in hundreds more guns than GSL will be buying with the money received and yet still, antis call it abusing the program.

Gah. What a twisted, sour lot. Say hi to Mrs. Grundy and the WCTU for me, willya? Say hi to the frikkin' Klan; they hate the idea of "guns in the wrong hands," too. Mencken was soooooo right.

All repeat my comment at Roberta's

Calling it a Buy Back is incredibly accurate in showing their thinking. They believe that all guns should be in the hands of the State.

Also note that its an abuse for lawful gun owners to turn in defunct guns... but it's a Victory when Somedue turns in a broken down Jennings.

And note who they get more butthurt about spending that money.

Perhaps some of the anger comes from the fear of saying something that'll get you kicked out of the Progressive clubhouse. As this man learned. I suppose that's all the more reason to call yourself enlightened and open-minded while taking care not to learn any ThoughtCrimes.

Oh and for some great irony.
Take this quote and recall that its coming from a man who converted to Trinity United Church of Christ and was a loyal member for many years. And oh, took the title from the book that quotation originates in from a sermon from said Church. You can even guess who gave said sermon.

Full Disclosure, that link came from the always entertaining Mr. A. Who actually allows some dissatisfaction in Dear Leader saying he "just wish[es] [The President had] grown up more like her[his mother]." And shockingly actually gave a good point on some of the founders being Deists and how they dealt with the overall religious nature of the society at the time.

To be fair he had to do something like this. He had to to thread the needle between Obama's turning to Jesus, the political requirements of the President having to do that, and that Mr. A himself could not come out and say "Well yeah the president pretends he's Christian because his real religious beliefs would be a liability."

Added: Well, that didn't take long. Leftist are already fretting about Roberts and spinning conspiracy theories that he'll betray them in some conservative rampage. Nice going Chief Justice, that goodwill you earned will sure endure and not hurt the standing of the court. Ed Morrissey notes:

It’s unlikely, therefore, that Roberts will shift away from the incrementalist approach that has characterized the first seven years of his term as Chief Justice, and which certainly characterized his most famous (or notorious, depending on your point of view) opinion to date. But it’s revealing that the fear of Roberts doing so has arisen almost within hours of his court handing liberals their biggest victory in years, and it shows just how insecure they become at just the hint that they might lose the judiciary as a means to pursue policy.

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