Sunday, July 15, 2012

A good range trip II

Well it cooled off a bit today. To just under 300 K (What? Ya'll wanted me to use metric temps right? would you rather I use Rankine? Fine it was under 545 R).

And thus I was much more comfortable at the range today. Still needed a good headband but was at least not dried up.

Tested the new triggers on my 1911's and had no faults with my reloads. I'm really liking Unique as a powder. I hear some people complain about it having more fouling when it burns off, but I haven't seen that with mine yet.

Also shot off another 20 Hydra Shoks.

That puts me at about a hundred though my Smith and Wesson 1911 (I'd have to look to my logbook for a true count) without a fault. Also got some velocities.

And put some rounds though my LCP. For such a tiny bugger, it shoots well, you just have to hold it right and pull the trigger without flinching.

Was good, and was nice to shoot with some people of the gun too. That had the right Weaver stance and were shooting at the right distance. And were also teaching their mother how to shoot, quite well too.

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