Monday, July 16, 2012

Quote of the Day: Sean D Sorrentino

Weer'd posts a video of Ladd Everit of CSGV bringing the boring crazy to a bunch of British school kid.

And Sean D Sorrentino has a great comment on what he would do if he had that audience.

“Hello. Let’s start with a question. Who’s afraid of guns?”

Wait for a show of hands.


Mumbled crap about them being used to kill people

“But you guys live in a country that utterly bans the possession, sale, and transport of handguns and makes it a 6 month proctology exam to get police permission to get a shotgun, which you have to disassemble and store in a gun safe when you aren’t hunting. Why do you need to be afraid of guns? There should by no gun crime at all in Britain. Your country has adopted all the rules that this bald clown here advocates and you are still worried about criminals running about with guns. Doesn’t sound to me like your gun control thing is working very well. ”

Then I’d go on an extended riff about how, sure, murders are higher in the US than in the UK, but EVERY OTHER SINGLE VIOLENT CRIME IS HIGHER. Plus your police count murders differently than we do. For us, dead body, not suicide or accident, or negligent = +1 in the “Murder” column at the FBI statistics branch. In UK, until there is a murder verdict, it’s not counted.

Emphasis added. Sorrentino's got a great point. In the UK the Antis won. Didn't stop criminals did it? But it sure did make a lot of innocent people a lot more vulnerable.

But don't worry, the Antis have a solution to that: Knife Control.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks. Too bad the powers that be would do their best to keep me as far away from their charges as humanly possible. They'd rather feed those kids to a pedophile than allow them to hear unauthorized thoughts.

The Jack said...

The worst a pedophile will do is violate and rape 'em. And it the eyes of the State, victims are a good thing.

Where you might actually get them to "question authority". Surely the greater threat.

Priorities. Priorities.