Monday, July 30, 2012

Yet another predictive failure of global warming models?

Contrary To IPCC Climate Models, Massive Human CO2 Emissions Still Unable To Reverse Nature's Global Cooling Over Last 15 Years

This is my shocked face.

Of course the warmists fail to ask the most fundamental question: What if Your Core Hypothesis is Wrong? Link to a related post by Weerd.

Here we see confirmation bias run amok as "scientists" struggle to explain why their hypothesis is right despite a lack of clear data.

They're still having trouble finding a correlation between certain human outputs and specific climate effects. Let alone finding strong evidence of causation.

And yes, given the limitations of -well- planetary climate causation will be hard to prove.

Tough. That's like saying we should have just accepted the existence of the Higgs Boson because it would have been too expensive and hard to run the experiments.

Science doesn't work that way.

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