Monday, April 30, 2012

Anti-Science Ignorant Rabble you say?

Hey remember when the Tea Party broke into a State-Funded Research lab and took it over in a thoughtless protest of the "theft" of taxpayer money and in doing so ruined years worth of experiments dedicated to feeding the poor and hungry?


Well, Zombie has something like that: Occupy going after a farm and seizing the means of production.

The farm they seized was not a working farm per se, but rather a “research farm” for the University of California, near its Berkeley campus. The only difference between the way the farm used to be (prior to a week ago) and the way it is now is that the Occupiers have transformed what was essentially a well-maintained and important open-air laboratory into a disheveled and ultimately purposeless pretend-farm for trustafarian dropouts.

Extra bonus for paranoid conspiracy theories against genetically modified crops... which are not being researched at the protested laboratory farm.

So stupid, anti-science, and anti-evolution.

Go to the link to see photos of the preening stupidity.

The scientists themselves are for the most part royally pissed off at the Occupiers and some may have years of work ruined by the Occupiers’ juvenile prank.

Though some of their coworkers have a different view:

Some leftist U.C. professors are lecturing today at the farm to show their solidarity with the Occupiers (and to thoughtlessly reveal their antagonism against fellow faculty members whose research at the farm was interrupted/spoiled by the Occupation), including Laura Nader (Ralph Nader’s older sister, famous for helping to lead the field of anthropology toward self-critical Political Correctness); Gill Hart, a Gramscian anti-capitalist; and Paul Rabinow, a deconstructionist anthropologist. What do any of these professors know about farming, or plant biology? Nothing. But hey, they know about the significance of what it means to spout off a bunch of revolutionary socialist verbiage while absconding with stuff that isn’t yours. And that will make the Occupiers feel ever so snug in their smugness. Group hug!"

Who cares if you destroy your colleagues' laboratory by taking it over and planting your own nursery bought plants and building a tent city. Teaching a lesson to the man is more important than... teaching and research:

"Before the Occupation, the Gill Tract was an agricultural research farm where twenty-somethings getting their PhDs would work the fields to grow crops, as they researched biology or how to raise better, healthier plants. But now, after this incredible revolution by Occupy, the Gill Tract has been utterly transformed into a farm where twenty-somethings work the fields to grow crops. The only difference is that before, the farm served a scientific function to improve society, and was managed by experts and hard-working students doing meaningful research; but now, it’s run by a bunch of smug amateurs and dropouts who plant store-bought seedlings in the middle of what once was a controlled research environment.

There you have it, actual academic work and development that could help the hungry take a backseat to playing commune farm. More and more it seems that much of "higher" education is just a half decade of "young-world-changer" fantasy camp, all at the low low price of a few luxury cars.

And in comment to an Occupy sign of "Do Not Cross" following a sign of "Our Parking Lot":

Hypocrisy, thy name is Occupy. When society draws boundaries, builds fences, and makes rules, Occupy gets to violate them at will. But once they’ve seized control, Occupy immediately starts making new rules and new boundaries that everyone else is supposed to honor. Perhaps that’s the new Occupy motto: “Rules for thee, but not for me."

Rules are for the proles, not the vanguard of the Revolution.

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