Friday, April 27, 2012

At least Nixon didn't use his enemies list to gin up support

Here we go, Obama's blaming secretive oil billionaires and their stealth campaign against him.

Why yes... the President of the United States is openly engaged in conspiracy theories to blame his failures. Next he'll go after the hoarders and wreckers and Kulaks.

And now we have an enemies list and the president openly calling out people who dare to donate to a political rival of his. Using the power of the State to go after those that dare challenge his rule?


This should send a chill down everyone’s spine. Imagine having the most powerful man on Earth singling you out by name then slandering you for donating to his opponent’s campaign?

More here, specifically on how Obama has a websight that names names and builds a handy dandy list of enemies of the people. Again Nixon's list wasn't used as a way to encourage supporters to volunteer and line up and give him money.

While Obama today is speaking to troops in Ft. Stewart Georgia who defend our freedom from enemies abroad, the Commander in Chief himself is assaulting our electoral freedom directly from White House.

One can only imagine how much ink and bandwidth the media would have used to show outrage if in 2004 President George W. Bush’s campaign had a similar web site denigrating John Kerry’s major donors.

Like I said, start weeping for our nation.

It says a lot about the kind of man Obama and even more about the people who find this a persuasive argument.

Consider the kind of person that wants the President of the United States to go out on national television and name names with the intent to shame and put on notice people who dare to question him.

Consider the kind of person who sees this and applauds the president and thinks that Obama's the one being the hero and is the underdog in this situation.

The kind of person who does think it's wrong and immoral that people can do what they want with their money, even if it means giving it so someone who dares to defeat the president.

The kind of person who thinks this is Justice:

[18:49] <+THOTatWORK> oh no I had noting to do with the black panther visiting the donors of the republican nominee

From GBC. Hope and Change.

On a somewhat related note, the liberal flacks are trying to discredit Romney by saying that 1) Romney beleives in "an America driven by freedom" and 2) That such a view is radical and unworkable.

So there you have it, the technocratic, mandate loving, anti-gun, big goverment, Romney is far too much of a radical Wookie for the libs. Which says intersting things about their support for Obama, and that they think "This guy's for Freedom. Run!" is also fertile ground for mudslinging.

And it shows that they're out and out against liberty and freedom, seeing it as a threat to "responsible governance".

Hell, all the examples of "good governance" at the link are ones where the "nessecisty" to subvert the Constitution and limited goverment is proudly displayed. Not to mention the bloated fiscal mess the Great Society, the New Deal, Mecicare, Medicade, and the Stimulus have wrought.

Also one has to love a guy who breathlessly cheers Trustbusting and Too-big-to-Fail bailouts in the same sentance. I suppose industry dominating oligarcs are only bad when it's the wrong oligarcs in charge.

Which may explain the opposition to Romney: he's the wrong lizard.

Though at least Romney seems smart enough to not openly act like the Presidente of a People's Banana Republic.

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