Friday, April 6, 2012

Day and Range

So after a leisurly breakfast of bacon and bagels. From what is arguably the best bagel place in the city. I did some organizing and had the carpets cleaned.

Very thorough, very detailed, very prompt, and efficient service. So if you live in the Indy area, I recommend Carpet Medix

After that I hit the range and tested my hand-cast lead bullets. Accuracy was very good. Had one failure to feed due to not enough crimp on the case mouth. The rest fed and fired fine.

I've still got half of my cast bullets to go and will try with a more aggressive crimp on my Lee Factory Crimp Die.

I also fired some jacketed brass and had no malfunctions. All the cartridges had a marked improvement in accuracy. Though that is partially due to the LaserLyte training target too.

But if I can get cast bullets to work reliably then that will save quite a bit per round.

Edit: Also after counting for the rounds I had shot off, I managed to increase my brass supply by 73 rounds of 45acp. So there's that too.

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