Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Adventures in Reloading

Well tried my handloads today, including jacketed ammo and handcasts.
For this batch I used the Lee Factory Crimp Die and cranked the crimp a bit further down.

And it worked quite well. For the 1911 had no malfs on either set of ammunition.

For my AR45, I'm continuing to have failure to feed issues, which I think are buffer spring related, but I hwas having the same issues with the factory ammo. That issue is where the bolt will not close fully on a round. This happened after 30 rounds with no malfunctioning. Which is the similar pattern.

I then cast up 111 bullets and had 102 pass inspection (mass, size, and shape). They're now curing with bullet lube and will be ready for loading tomorrow.

Oh yes, Mark's suggestion to talk the cavities worked quite well.

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