Saturday, April 21, 2012

Range Report: Success

Well that choronograph was very easy to setup and get data from
All I had to do was unfold the device, place it in front of hte target and shoot through it

Interesting. My 255gr round nose flat tops work in my 1911 and at normal pressure loading still have 90% of the KE as a standard 45acp round.

Speaking of that, resizing those heavy bullets to 0.451 seemed to do the trick. At least the first 10 that I tested out all fired and passed the function test. Though I did only get velocities from two of them.

Clearly I should load the rest I have cast and cast some more.

Also those Rainier bullets worked quite well. Were a bit slower than the Winchester, but for plinking the price savings will be worth it. I made some more with the Rainer and will do more testing.

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