Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Reloading.

Well got my factory crimp die and Lee Auto Disk Upgrade.

If you use a fine powder, go for the Auto Disk Pro. It has an improved spout that leaks far less than the baseline model. Something you'll want.

I found the Factory Crimp Die was nice but did not do much with factory bullets. Where it's resizing (it comes after the bullet seating die and takes the place of that die's crimp) seems to be with cast lead bullets.

So loaded up half of my cast stock and will take it to the range when available. I already found one test feed problem where if the mouth of the case has a spur it can cause feed issues. Something to check.

No photos today. May try to get some more, but my still camera's pretty balky and my video camera exports horrid stills. Maybe something to get a replacement.

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