Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quote of the Day: Tam

In a comment on this post about people who are a bit to eager for everything to collapse so they can play their junior counter-revolutionary games:

And there's a difference between being prepared for a disaster and getting excited over the idea of one. One is wise and the other is sick.

No matter how much homeowner's insurance you have, no sane person wants a twister in the living room.

And for contrast is followed by this post on why anyone would need high cap magazines.

Or, better yet, give him the real reason: "Well, I need a magazine with thirty-three rounds in it because f&#$ you, Ed." Seriously, where does he get off thinking how many "bullets" are in my magazines is any business of his? Vobis non me dux, Ed; you ain't the boss of me.

That's why I own guns in the first place: To make sure nobody, from the mugger on the corner to the King of England to some washed-up political has-been from the Keystone State can come force me to do things against my will without me at least having a chance to shoot back.

Again the difference between wanting to cross the streams and realizing you may have to do it.

I was about to write "being prepared" but no one is really prepared if things really go downhill. Unless they've lived in the Balkans or some other lovely patch where everything did start to burn.

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