Monday, April 23, 2012

Quote of the day... Why Communism?

David Thompton looks at what makes Communism so appealing:

It seems to me one can’t explain the appeal of Marxism without addressing the psychological license that it offers, specifically for coercion and petty malice. It’s a golden ticket for a certain kind of sadist. Why Marxism? Start with rationalised envy and a vindictive desire for power over others, wrap it in a drag of altruism, and then take it from there.

A'yup. Nothing like a political cosmology that allows you to sate your material and dominating desires while being able to take the moral high ground. It even has its built in "No True Scotsman" excuse cycle. You see communism failed all those previous times because it wasn't real communism, but this time it'll work, if you stupid proles give us enough power to do so.

But again what really makes it scary as a political framework is how it allows for, and actively encourages, removing all limits on the State's coercive power.

Via the Overnight Thread on Ace of Spaces.

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