Thursday, April 26, 2012

That new pants feeling.

Is made even better when you realize that your pants make humorless scolds that want to take your freedoms away angry.

You see since the "secret" that Woolrich was making clothing designed for CCW came out. Many of the Antis have freaked out and demanded a boycott.

Secret is in quotes because it seems the antis didn't get angry until the New York Times did a, shockingly positive, profile of the garment line.

Well, we'll see how well the anti's boycott goes, I predict it'll be as much of a success as their Starbucks boycott.

Actually, I lie, I think it'll be worse, because I'm pretty neutral to Starbucks, but I really like these conceal carry pants (for one they've actually got reinforced seam stitching), and I bought more of these pants without knowing it got the antis angry.

And I know I'm not alone on that.

And as a bonus today is the last day for free shipping on Woolrich's site if you use the promo code: 4DAYFREE

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