Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's reloading adventure: Sampler pack.

Well got a resizing die (0.451), and I think that solved my oversized 255 grain round nose flat top issue. The die worked as advertised, sized them down and made 'em easy as pie to load up.

Also got a handy Wilson gauge which is far more convenient then my older "disassembled Kahr" gauge. If you handload a rimless cartridge they're very helpful.

And got a very neat instrument for reloading that I'll write more on later. I will say that it was on sale at Midway and that it's handy for physics calculations.

All this helps balance the other bit of mail I got today. In short: the State gets angry when it loses W2 documentation and blames you for the loss, but oddly enough only on the withholding.

Anyway, back to the light stuff. Behold:

From left to right:
1) 5 230gr cast lead test cartridges from casting lot #3 (no resizing)
2) 10 255gr cast lead test cartridges from casting lot #3 (resized to .451)
3) 15 230gr cast lead test cartridges from casting lot #3 (resized to .451)
4) 20 230gr jacketed lead test cartridges from Rainier (no resizing)

All used starting loads of Acura #5 and standard overall length, save for the 255 grain that I had to seat in deeper so they could chamber. Those are the cartridges that I'm really going to watch so see how they preform.

Just happened to work out that way with the round count. I did the 5 on Sunday and wanted to do a minumim of 10 of the heavy bullets (to keep 15 cast in reserve), and so on.

Thanks to the fella's at GBC for suggesting Rainer and the 0.451 resizer.

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