Saturday, January 26, 2013

Anti-Gun Security Blankets

So Buffalo Wild Wings is coming out with gun free zone signage.

That's a shame, but their product isn't not worth the hassle of taking my holster off and on again.

And while I could carry inside (they don't have metal detectors or pat downs), I would not.

Because I'm basically law-abiding.

A criminal with the intent to rob the place would not care about the sign, and might even be encouraged by it.
That's just common sense there.  If a crook bothers to do recon of a place, they're likely to do a risk-reward analysis. (Do you rob the bank with the armed guard or the one without?)

What's fascinating about that article are the comments from the anits.  There's the expected sister-humping-rednecks slurs, and there's many repeats on this theme

"Guns don't make us safe."
Huh, so if something bad happens you don't call armed men to help you?

There's also a bleating of "It'll bring increased safety".  Not that it'll reduce robberies,  but that it'll stop drunken patrons from pulling leather.  Which is a concern that seems to prey on their minds.

As seen with this theme:

"Thanks for being a voice of reason. I prefer to dine without fear of the gun carried by guy at the table next to me."
Yes, there's a lot of "We are the reasoned ones",  but my interest is the second sentence   This theme of "Peace of Mind" comes up a lot in the comments

Gun Free Zones are not about stopping criminals.  They won't obey a sign like that .  They're about allaying the fear of the above commenters.

You have people who see guns as only causing bad things.  Only making things worse.  And while criminals are hard to reach, the law abiding are less difficult.  So, they make signs that declare certain areas off-limits to guns.

And the result would be less people being armed there. Granted it doesn't effect the number of people being armed with violent intent, but that's not the concern.  The lady afraid of having someone one table away from her carrying a gun isn't afraid he's going to rob the place or take hostages, or do any sort of premeditated crime.

Because a person in that case, would not care about signage. Now, she's afraid he'll "go nuts" or "get angry" and start shooting.

They want know there aren't any icky guns near them.

Yes, someone could be eating in a signed restaurant, and they could in violation of the sign! be armed. But that little sign means that they are wrong for doing it.

And note that Conceal Carry has nothing to do with these mass shootings (They all took place in Gun Free Zones and were done by people without carry permits), but CCW is still being targeted. It's like desire to ban Private Sales (which were also not a factor in these shootings).

A large part of Gun Control is a cultural thing, and the antis will go hammer and tongs whichever way they can to marginalize and push aside "Gun Culture."  Read the preceding link, including this passage:

Victory in the culture war provides a foundation for the gun culture we know and enjoy to enter places like New York and Chicago. They know this, and at some level, I believe the ultimate goal of the current attack isn’t necessarily to get legislation passed, though they will certainly try. No, the current attack is meant to shame people out of the idea of supporting gun rights, because gun rights are what those people do. I believe many coastal elites have a deep anxiety that not only will those people start to spring up like dandelions in their fair cities, but more importantly, they may have to do business with them, to socialize with them, and to hear talk of AK v. AR, 9mm v. .45, or to have to listen to someone who should, by all rights, be one of them, talking about their new carry piece, and the thought of that drives them crazy.

Or maybe going to a chicken restaurant and hearing that the people one table over own guns?

It's not that the gun control people like criminals and want them to be out there committing mayhem.  It's that they're much harder to control than the law-abiding.   And the antis see both groups as part of the same "Gun Culture", so they figure they can go after the low hanging fruit as it were.

Tam has more on the motivations of the antis and how they think.  And as for the Gun Control version of "slut shaming'  well Weer'd has a couple of links.

Here's one with a 5th grade girl being harassed and punished for a "gun" shaped piece of paper.

And here's one with Paypal playing the role of moral guardian and closing accounts on things they find icky.

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